Wifi Services From Provider YTL

YTL Provider:

YTL Broadband Sdn Bhd (YTL), an internet provider, had installed fiber optic cables to GEO 38 in Genting Premai and Gohtong Jaya. YTL is keen to provide their services to residents of Mawar Apartments. Building Manager is to conduct a survey from owners/residents on their interest to have such service and liaise with YTL accordingly.

YTL Internet Package

DIGI Provider (50Mbps):

Digi MYR150 Unlimited




Fiber Optic Connection

Support 5GB Internet Roaming

No Activation Fee & Free Device

No Deposit is required

More Stable Bandwidth than DIGI Wireless

Cheaper Then YTL for 50Mbps Package

Wired Solution, more reliable.

Portable Solution. You can bring the internet with you

If you prefer YTL Internet, please fill up the form below otherwise please ignore this page