Venue: Meeting Room, Ground Floor, Block B, Mawar Apartments, Jalan Jati 2, Taman Gohtong Jaya, Genting Highlands, Pahang.

Date & Time: Saturday, 9th January 2021 at 2.00 p.m. 

Confirmation of 115th Committee Meeting Minutes

The minutes which was signed and posted on the notice boards was confirmed without amendment. 

Matters Arising                                                 

Security Services                                                            

The security services’ performance for December 2020 remained at 7.0/10. Overall performance was satisfactory.

MonthMay 20Jun 20Jul 20Aug 20Sep 20Oct 20Nov 20Dec 20

Arranged with the life-saving equipment supplier, Insan Bakti Sdn Bhd to conduct a refresher training for the maintenance staff and security personnel on usage of the equipment on 12/01/2021. 

Cleaning Services

The cleaning services’ rating for December 2020 was 8.0/10.  Overall performance was good.

MonthMay 20Jun 20Jul 20Aug 20Sep 20Oct 20Nov 20Dec 20

 Management Staff Monthly KPI Report

The management staff performances for December 2020 were 7.5 and 6.9 for administration and maintenance departments respectively. Both the departments performance for this month was satisfactory. The maintenance department’s head punctuality to work has improved after receiving a letter from the management on his weakness.

Administration Dept                                                       

MonthJun 20Jul 20Aug 20Sep 20Oct 20Nov 20Dec 20

Maintenance Dept

MonthJun 20Jul 20Aug 20Sep 20Oct 20Nov 20Dec 20

The maintenance department works for the month were as below: –

1Install rain cover to all blocks roof top booster pump motorsCompleted
2Repaint wooden wall and counter top at Blocks A and BCompleted
3Repaint road lines, car parking bays and road curbs at main roadIn progress

The Chairman requested to repaint all the wooden chairs at the GF lobbies.

Suggestions & Complaints

A complaint was received in December 2020 regarding a car driving in the wrong direction in the car park. We advised the vehicle owner to follow the rules and he apologized for his action. 

As agreed by Committee to limit the playing of basketball period from 12.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. daily, this was implemented and a sign will be placed at the court to remind residents soon.

PPAM Accounts

December 2020 income was RM115,289.90 with a surplus of RM5,787.97. Significant expenditures incurred in this month were RM17,100 being routine service of the building electrical switch gears, RM5,460 being water proofing of Block A car porch roof and RM6,850 being repair of damaged  underground main water pipe at Block C. December 2020 electricity charges was RM12,387.55arapet wall height at Block D lan gate and RM2300.

Highlights of the Income and Expenditure Statement are as follows:

In RMSep 20Oct 20Nov 20Dec 20
Cost Of Services63,90454,87753,48385,972
Gross Profit52,29567,48061,89729,318
Other Income22,67618,96412,42713,175
Total Income74,97286,44474,32442,493
Admin & Operating Expenses66,93038,15636,84836,705
Surplus/Deficit b4Tax8,04248,28937,4765,788

From the Balance Sheet, the following significant figures were noted:

In RM                                  As At30/09/2031/10/2030/11/2031/12/20
Fixed Deposits1,027,9071,219,7401,269,7401,270,447
Maintenance Receivables170,02138,679110,355150,488
Sinking Fund1,311,4411,323,0101,249,4391,261,008
Surplus C/F1,158,4341,206,7231,244,1991,249,986

Outstanding Payments     

The top defaulters as at 08/01/2021 and the actions taken are as follows: –

RankUnitOwnerO/S (RM)MthsActions Taken
1B9BLEE LOK MOOI115,915.11273Liaison with lawyer – Sri Dev & Naila.
2B10FTAN CHIN FOONG108,040.57190Liaison with lawyer – Sri Dev & Naila.
3A6KYIP NGUK YIN3,401.9721Owner did not pay outstanding as awarded by Tribunal. Tribunal informed that we can proceed with civil actions and B/Mgr is to source legal advice and costings.
4C2CTAN CHOO GEOK2,264.2912 Submitted to Tribunal on 29/12/2020.
5C2IYLS PROPERTY HOLDING SDN BHD1,682.4112 Submitted to Tribunal on 29/12/2020.
6C10LTAN JOON YIAN2,508.5810 Submitted to Tribunal on 29/12/2020.
7C11FMOHAMAD ISKANDAR LEE1,707.079 Submitted to Tribunal on 29/12/2020.
8A5CKANTHA A/L RASALINGAM1,694.999 Submitted to Tribunal on 29/12/2020.
9C17BTEE KEN PING2,003.336 LTD sent on 09/12/2020. To proceed to submit to Tribunal.
10C18ATEE KEN PING2,003.336 LTD sent on 09/12/2020. To proceed to submit to Tribunal.
11D13LLEE LIP WOOI1,599.796 LTD sent on 09/12/2020. To proceed to submit to Tribunal.
12D9LYANG GUONONG1,543.826 LTD sent on 09/12/2020. To proceed to submit to Tribunal.
13C2DMAIDEEN IBRAHIM PULAVAR1,133.096 LTD sent on 09/12/2020. To proceed to submit to Tribunal.
14A13AWEN ZHENGQIU1,113.826 LTD sent on 09/12/2020. To proceed to submit to Tribunal.
15C16JCS DELCAN CORPORATION1,081.386 LTD sent on 09/12/2020. To proceed to submit to Tribunal.
16B16KNGAI WENG HEONG810.476 LTD sent on 09/12/2020. To proceed to submit to Tribunal.
17A10KCHAN CHEE CHOW618.054 To send LTD.
18A3CYAP LAI PING540.363To proceed with admin actions.
19A3GLEOW TING YON @ LIEW SING746.553To proceed with admin actions.
20A5ING SIEW LAN540.363To proceed with admin actions.
21A6BONG CHIN MAN381.393To proceed with admin actions.
22A8HNG CHIN LAI391.053To proceed with admin actions.
23A8ITEE LAI TECK540.363To proceed with admin actions.
24A9BBONG NAM LONG391.053To proceed with admin actions.
25A10BNG KAH WEI & SEOW CHEE391.053To proceed with admin actions.
26A10FONG CHOON LAN540.363To proceed with admin actions.
27A10GPOH KONG PROPERTIES SDN BHD746.553To proceed with admin actions.
28A11CHENG BOOK CHE540.363To proceed with admin actions.
29A11ESUNG FOOK KEONG391.053To proceed with admin actions.
30A11FANNIE NG471.713To proceed with admin actions.
31A15GSAIK SEONG CHEONG717.793To proceed with admin actions.
32A15ILEE CHIN KIAT REALTY SDN BHD538.793To proceed with admin actions.
33A16FDJ MEDI SDN BHD530.723To proceed with admin actions.
34A16HPUAH KIM WEE391.053To proceed with admin actions.
35A16KSTEPHEN ONG CHONG SIEW356.393To proceed with admin actions.
36A18AMUN CHEE CHUEN950.253To proceed with admin actions.
37B3DSUSAN TAN LEE LEE540.363To proceed with admin actions.
38B3FPTH MINERALS (M) SDN BHD540.363To proceed with admin actions.
39B5FCHAI KHIANG @ CHUAH BEE540.333To proceed with admin actions.
40B5GLOO CHOOI TING746.553To proceed with admin actions.
41B5HMOHAMAD JAJULI BIN ABD391.053To proceed with admin actions.
42B5IOOI AH KHAU551.943To proceed with admin actions.
43B7HWAN CHOW SENG382.103To proceed with admin actions.
44B7JLIM HONG FUANG540.363To proceed with admin actions.
45B8DCHOONG YAT SUM540.363To proceed with admin actions.
46B8JCHUA SIEW LAN540.363To proceed with admin actions.
47B10EFOONG MUN CHOONG391.053To proceed with admin actions.
48B10GWOO WEE WEE @ WENNIFER762.693To proceed with admin actions.
49B11AHAJI M S KADIR BIN SYED530.133To proceed with admin actions.
50B13FDATO CHAN TECK CHEE540.363To proceed with admin actions.
51B13-HCHIN TEK KOI & SONS SDN BHD391.053To proceed with admin actions.
52B16GLAU KON HING746.553To proceed with admin actions.
53C3FLEE FOOT CHOY539.863To proceed with admin actions.
54C3ICHAI WEI KIT540.363To proceed with admin actions.
55C6CLEE RUI TING540.363To proceed with admin actions.
56C7BTEE HEN PING387.953To proceed with admin actions.
57C7CTEE HEN PING536.213To proceed with admin actions.
58C8DTEE KEN GUAN540.363To proceed with admin actions.
59C9CJIA TECK INDUSTRIES SDN BHD540.363To proceed with admin actions.
60C9GTAN KAY SIN743.103To proceed with admin actions.
61C10CWAI KEE ENTERPRISE SDN BHD540.363To proceed with admin actions.
62C10FTAY SIEW JOO552.063To proceed with admin actions.
63C11HNG KET CHEE344.123To proceed with admin actions.
64C13FLOKE SIN CHEE551.913To proceed with admin actions.
65C13KTAN LI MENG383.873To proceed with admin actions.
66C16EYAKITY TOURS SDN BHD391.053To proceed with admin actions.
67C17C JIMMY BUDI HARYANTO897.533To proceed with admin actions.
68C18BCHAI WEI KIT981.183To proceed with admin actions.
69D6HYEO CHU CHYI391.053To proceed with admin actions.
70D7HTEY SIEW KEE391.053To proceed with admin actions.
71D8DAREERAT ER760.773To proceed with admin actions.
72D9DKHOH SIK TOH760.773To proceed with admin actions.
73D9JTEOH KHOON INN540.363To proceed with admin actions.
74D10CYAP CHEE SING760.773To proceed with admin actions.
75D11JJIA TECK INDUSTRIES SDN BHD540.363To proceed with admin actions.
76D12ABSIM HOCK SOON732.333To proceed with admin actions.
77D17DWONG WAI CHIN846.413To proceed with admin actions.
78D18CKUMPULAN VOIR SDN BHD981.183To proceed with admin actions.

Actions On Top Defaulters – Units B/09-B & B/10-F

Building Manager had written a 4th letter to Jabatan Penilaian & Pengurusan Harta on the auction of the units to recover the outstanding and a copy of the said letter was sent to the Prime Minister Dept for more effective response.

Unit B/09-B (Lee Lok Mooi) – Lawyer Messer. Sri Dev & Naila had written to the Insolvency Department to set a date for creditor’s meeting to seek the possibility to auction the unit. It was proposed and agreed to apply for attachment of movable property in the unit in order to legally gain entry into the unit.

Unit B/10-F (Tan Chin Foong & Kwan Wai Ying) – Committee agreed to proceed to recover the outstanding owning by attachment of moveable property in the unit.

Unit A/06-K (Yip Nguk Yin) – Committee decided not to proceed with legal actions as the outstanding amount is relatively small.

Breakdown Of Lifts

There were 4 lift breakdowns in December 2020. Lift C3 broke down 3 times due to a faulty inverter and this inverter was replaced.

MonthJul 20Aug 20Sep 20Oct 20Nov 20Dec 20
No. Of Breakdown8351Nil4

Other Matters      

Unofficial Covid-19 Case On 31/12/2020

On 31/12/2020 at about 7.30 pm, the Health Ministry of Pahang removed by ambulance a resident, who is a tenant of an apartment at Block D and was suspected to be infected with Covid-19.  A notice was immediately issued to notify the building owners/residents of this matter and advised all residents to follow the Movement Control Order (MCO) guidelines strictly to prevent the spread of this disease.

The owner of the said apartment was informed officially to advise his remaining tenants in the apartment, who are under quarantine, to follow the MCO guidelines strictly. We further informed him to advise his tenants not to leave the apartment and they are to make arrangement for food and other necessities to be delivered to the unit.  Further to this, should his tenants found not observing the above, we shall charge him on costs incurred for deep sanitization of the unit common area, lifts and others. 

Precautionary measures were taken with more frequent deep cleanings of the affected floor common areas, lifts, ground floor and others. The security personnel were provided with hand gloves and face shields for added precaution.

On 08/01/2021, the tenants of the above unit informed that they were certified healthy by KKM including the hospitalized suspected case who will be discharged soon.

Based on the above experience, the Committee agreed to purchase suitable equipment like, spraying equipment, PPE (personal protective equipment) suits and certified disinfectants to be more prepared for such situation. Building Manager is to source costings of the above for Committee’s approval.

As the situation is back to normal, Committee agreed that all activities and renovation works are allowed. 

Proposed To Obtain Residents’ Details

Committee agreed to obtain details like, names, contact numbers, unit number and etc from all residents staying in Mawar Apartments using Mawar’s QR code. This will be a one-off exercise as with the information, we will be abled contact the residents quickly to control the spread of Covid-19 in the building and this information will be deleted when the pandemic disease is over. 

Record & Actions On Abandoned/without Stickers Vehicles In Car Park

As of December 2020, the record is as below: –

MonthJul 20Aug 20Sep 20Oct 20Nov 20Dec 20
No. Of Vehicles444555

As agreed by the Committee, engaged a tow truck operator and removed 5 abandoned vehicles from the building last night.

Building Manager will proceed to enforce that all residents’ vehicles are affixed with Mawar Apartments car stickers as to ensure easy identification and to prevent increase in abandoned cars.

Proposed To Replace 600 Amps Electrical Busduct For Owners’ Units At Block B High Zones

The above work was awarded to Jayatech Engineering will commence next week.

Proposed Minor Renovation Of Staff Quarters At Block D Basement 3

The renovation plan application to Majlis Perbandaran Bentong will be approved soon.

As the Covid-19 situation is back to normal, I Craye Concept will commence work soon.

The firefighting system work was awarded to Fire Control Engineering Sdn Bhd at RM17,840. The work will commence upon approval of renovation plan from MPB.

Proposed To Sub-Divide Room 8 At Basement 4, Block D

The above work was awarded to I Craye Concept at RM9,150 and work will commence soon.

Proposed To Repair Water Leakages At Blocks B, C & D Car Porches & Block B Lobby

The water proofing work for Blocks B, C & D car porch roofs is awarded to Ding Fhoong (M) Sdn Bhd at RM15,380 and work to commence soon.

Water proofing work, to resolve water leakage down to GF lobby, at unit B/02-A has commenced.

Proposed Installation Of CCTV Cameras At All Blocks GF Lobbies

The above work is completed.

Proposed Rain Water Harvest System

Received a cost of RM29,466 from contractor, Ding Fhoong (M) Sdn Bhd to install the above and Committee requested to source two more quotes for comparison.

Repair Of Building Electrical Switch Gears

As requested, obtained 2 quotations for the above work as tabled below: –

NODESCRIPTION OF WORKYP Eng Services S/B (RM)Jaya Tech Eng  Services (RM)
1To supply labour and materials to replace, c/w testing, 24 units electrical switch gears for the building main electrical system  34,000.00  32,880.00
2To supply labour and sand to fill all electrical cables trenches c/w sealing of all cable entrances at all main switch boards  8,000.00  14,000.00

Committee agreed to award the above work to YP at RM42,000 or lower.

Proposal To Replace 2 Units Existing Faulty Treadmills In GYM Room

After much discussion, Committee decided to purchase 2 units treadmills, Model: Vision T600 at a total sum of RM21,000, from Johnson Fitness (M) Sdn Bhd to replace the above existing faulty treadmills. The old units are to be scrapped.

Damaged Underground Main Water Pipe At Block C

The retarring of the road is completed. However, a small portion of tarmac had sunk and the contractor will touch up.

Driving Wrong Direction In Car Park

As it was agreed to install road humps on the driveway and hand railings at the entrances to the lift lobbies, 2 quotations were received as tabled below: –

NODESCRIPTION OF WORKDing Fhoong (M) S/B (RM)ICraye Concept (RM)
1Preliminary (Clear debris & Insurances)Inclusive1,330.00
2To supply labour and materials to build 32 nos. 90mm(H) x 360mm(B) x 5m(L) concrete road humps c/w yellow and black paint work at B1 & B2 car park drive way.  26,752.00  52,800.00
3To supply labour and materials to install 32 nos.        1-meter height mild steel hand rails c/w yellow and black paint work at B1 & B2 car park entrances to the lift lobbies.   35,840.00  22,320.00

Committee requested that Building Manager to check on the variance in the contractors’ costings and to ensure the works/materials quoted are to our requirement. Further to this, Building Manager to request contractors to quote one-way speed hump as discussed.  

Proposed To Refurbish Arm Chairs

5 arm chairs were removed by contractor, CMA Jaya, to be refurbished.

Application To Telekom Malaysia Bhd For Fibre Optic Infrastructure

Building Manager is in liaison with Telekom Malaysia Bhd(TM) on progress of our application/work.

Uneven Tarmac Surface At Main Road

Building Manager had informed the water supplier to make good this patch of uneven tarmac.

Annual Service Of Building Fire Extinguishers

The building fire extinguishers, total of 304 units, are due for mandatory annual service by this month and obtained 2 quotations, tabled below: –

No.Name Of ContractorAmt (RM)Remarks
1Perlindung Enterprise S/B6,992.009kg ABC at RM13 @ 2kg CO2 at RM13 @ Bomba cert at RM10 @
2Fire Fighter Industry S/B9,112.009kg ABC at RM28 @ 2kg CO2 at RM28 @ Inclusive Bomba cert Transportation at RM600

Committee decided to award the above work to Perlindung Enterprise at RM6,992.

Building Insurances For Y2021

Committee agreed to purchase aircraft damage peril coverage from Tokio Marine (M) Bhd at an additional premium of RM656.29.

Vacation As Member Of Management Committee

Our Chairman highlighted that Committee Member, Mr. Choong Boon Loong, did not attend 4 consecutive committee meetings (112th to 115th meetings) without leave in writing to him. According to the Strata Management Act under 2nd Schedule, Subsection 3 (i), he shall vacate or shall deem to have vacated his office as committee member of the Management Committee. Building Manager is to inform him on this matter. 

Code Of Conduct For Committee Members

It was reported that there was the usage of abusive words in the chat group amongst Committee Members recently. It was unanimously agreed by all Committee Members present in this meeting that to prevent such incident from happening again, all Committee Members should strictly adhere to MAWAR APARTMENTS MANAGEMENT CORPORATION Code of Conduct for Committee Members (2019/20) rules during committee meetings and/or WhatsApp exchange of messages on all Mawar Apartments matters. The code of conduct has been duly signed by all Committee Members.

All Committee Members, being elected to form Mawar Apartments Management Corporation, are kindly reminded to conduct themselves courteously in both oral and written communication and to discharge their duties diligently.

It was unanimously agreed that should any Committee Member(s) breach this Code Of Conduct rules, the Committee shall have the right to impose appropriate sanctions on the said Committee Member(s) including expelling or suspending the said Committee Member(s).

Next Meeting 

The next Management Committee meeting will be held on 6th February 2021 (Sat) at 2.30 p.m., Meeting Room, Ground Floor, Block B, Mawar Apartments.

The meeting ended at 4.00 p.m. 

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