Venue: Meeting Room, Ground Floor, Block B, Mawar Apartments, Jalan Jati 2, Taman Gohtong Jaya, Genting Highlands, Pahang.

Date & Time: Saturday, 12th December 2020 at 2.00 p.m. 

Confirmation of 114th Committee Meeting Minutes

The minutes which was signed and posted on the notice boards was confirmed without amendment. 

Matters Arising                                                 

Security Services                                                            

The security services’ performance for November 2020 improved to 7.0/10. Overall performance was satisfactory.

MonthApr 20May 20Jun 20Jul 20Aug 20Sep 20Oct 20Nov 20

A first-aid training was conducted by the Building Manager for the security and maintenance personnel for effective handling during such situation and this training will be conducted quarterly. Committee requested to conduct refresher training on usage of the life-saving equipment.  

Committee agreed, via WhatsApp, to engage an additional fulltime security personnel per shift to be based at the Guard House to enforce Covid-19 preventive measures. The additional security personnel commenced work today.

Building Manager reported that a minor fire incident occurred at unit D/11-J. Apparently the resident forgot to turn off the gas while boiling water. The fire was alerted by owner of D/16-C and the maintenance staff extinguished the fire. The resident made a police report on the incident.

Cleaning Services

The cleaning services’ rating for November 2020 was 8.0/10.  Overall performance was good.

MonthApr 20May 20Jun 20Jul 20Aug 20Sep 20Oct 20Nov 20

Management Staff Monthly KPI Report

The management staff performances for November 2020 remained at 7.5 and 6.7 for administration and maintenance departments respectively. Administration department needs to schedule tasks to the respective staff accordingly whereas, maintenance department’s head still has to improve further on his punctuality to work. Building Manager will issue a letter to the maintenance department’s head to improve his weakness.

Administration Dept                                                       

MonthJun 20Jul 20Aug 20Sep 20Oct 20Nov 20

Maintenance Dept

MonthJun 20Jul 20Aug 20Sep 20Oct 20Nov 20

Committee members suggested to track the maintenance department’s work and Building Manager is to report on the progress of the work accordingly.

Suggestions & Complaints

Complaints received in November 2020 were noisy neighbor, a rat was sighted at ground floor lobby and Lift D3D card access system was faulty. These were resolved accordingly.

An owner suggested that to take body temperature of every individual entering Mawar Apartments and we informed him that we are taking visitors/contractors body temperature before they enter Mawar Apartments at the Guard House.

An owner complained that the noise from residents playing basketball is very noisy and proposed not to allow this game within the building compound. Committee decided to limit the playing period from 12.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. daily.

An owner questioned whether the garden lamp posts which are painted with 12 different colors look beautiful while another owner commented the different colors made the garden beautiful. Committee was acceptable to this matter.    

PPAM Accounts

November 2020 income was RM115,379.90 with a surplus of RM37,475.59. There were no significant expenditures incurred in this month. November 2020 electricity charges was RM11,530.40.

Highlights of the Income and Expenditure Statement are as follows:

In RMAug 20Sep 20Oct 20Nov 20
Cost Of Services85,43763,90454,87753,483
Gross Profit30,42152,29567,48061,897
Other Income18,19422,67618,96412,427
Total Income48,61674,97286,44474,324
Admin & Operating Expenses40,76766,93038,15636,848
Surplus/Deficit b4Tax7,8498,04248,28937,476

Note:   The reason for the high Admin & Operating Expenses expenditure in September 2020 was mainly due to an expenditure of RM23,800 being catering for Mid-Autumn event.

From the Balance Sheet, the following significant figures were noted:

In RM                                   As At31/08/2030/09/2031/10/2030/11/20
Fixed Deposits1,021,7761,027,9071,219,7401,269,740
Maintenance Receivables111,002170,02138,679110,355
Sinking Fund1,299,8731,311,4411,323,0101,249,439
Surplus C/F1,150,6921,158,4341,206,7231,244,199

Note: a)   As there was surplus fund in our operating account, the Executive Committee decided and placed RM50K into fixed deposit at Public Bank, Batang Kali on 20/11/2020.

b)   An amount of RM85,140 from sinking fund was utilized for the replacement of electrical busducts to electrical cables at Block A, High Zones 1 & 2.  

Outstanding Payments     

The top defaulters as at 11/12/2020 and the actions taken are as follows: –

RankUnitOwnerO/S (RM)MthsActions Taken
1B9BLEE LOK MOOI115,784.76272Liaison with lawyer – Sri Dev & Naila.
2B10FTAN CHIN FOONG & KWAN WAI YING107,860.45189Liaison with lawyer – Sri Dev & Naila.
3A6KYIP NGUK YIN3,271.6220Owner did not pay outstanding as awarded by Tribunal. Tribunal informed that we can proceed with civil actions and B/Mgr is to source legal advice and costings.
4C2CTAN CHOO GEOK1,662.4111 To submit to Tribunal.
5C2IYLS PROPERTY HOLDING SDN BHD1,682.4111 To submit to Tribunal.
6C16KYOONG SIEW FOONG1,830.5511 Submitted to Tribunal on 12/08/2020 and hearing which was scheduled on 19/10/2020 was postponed.
7C10LTAN JOON YIAN2,259.739 Sent reminder on 09/12/2020.
8C11FMOHAMAD ISKANDAR LEE1,506.958Sent NTD on 09/12/2020. 
9A5CKANTHA A/L RASALINGAM1,494.878Sent NTD on 09/12/2020. 
10A10KCHAN CHEE CHOW767.706 Sent reminder on 09/12/2020.
11C17BTEE KEN PING1,656.275 Sent reminder on 09/12/2020.
12C18ATEE KEN PING1,656.275 Sent reminder on 09/12/2020.
13D13LLEE LIP WOOI1,330.945 Sent reminder on 09/12/2020.
14D9LYANG GUONONG1,274.975 Sent reminder on 09/12/2020.
15B12JTAN AI CHIN933.225 Sent reminder on 09/12/2020.
16C2DMAIDEEN IBRAHIM PULAVAR932.975 Sent reminder on 09/12/2020.
17A13AWEN ZHENGQIU913.705 Sent reminder on 09/12/2020.
18C2AANG BOON YU912.155 Sent reminder on 09/12/2020.
19C16JCS DELCAN CORPORATION881.265 Sent reminder on 09/12/2020.
20D17HLIM AH YEE728.655 Sent reminder on 09/12/2020.
21B16KNGAI WENG HEONG660.125 Sent reminder on 09/12/2020.

Actions On Top Defaulters – Units B/09-B & B/10-F

Building Manager had written a 4th letter to Jabatan Penilaian & Pengurusan Harta on the auction of the units to recover the outstanding and a copy of the said letter was sent to the Prime Minister Dept for more effective response.

Unit B/09-B (Lee Lok Mooi) – Lawyer Messer. Sri Dev & Naila had written to the Insolvency Department to set a date for creditor’s meeting to seek the possibility to auction the unit.

Unit B/10-F (Tan Chin Foong & Kwan Wai Ying) – Lawyer Messer. Sri Dev & Naila had liaised with Maybank however, the bank is not being co-operative and the file cannot be located. Committee decided to arrange a meeting with lawyer to discuss on next course of actions however, the meeting is still pending due to Covid 19 situation. As the outstanding amount is more that RM100K, Committee decided to proceed with bankruptcy action against the defaulters.

Unit A/06-K (Yip Nguk Yin) – Lawyer Messer. Eunice Tan & Partners advised that we can pursue the outstanding charges of RM1,068.54 and Committee decided to proceed with legal actions and all legal fees incurred to be charged into the defaulter’s account.

Breakdown Of Lifts

There was no lift breakdown in November 2020.

MonthJun 20Jul 20Aug 20Sep 20Oct 20Nov 20
No. Of Breakdown58351Nil

Other Matters      

Record & Actions On Abandoned/without Stickers Vehicles In Car Park

As of October 2020, the record is as below: –

MonthMay 20Jun 20Jul 20Aug 20Sep 20Oct 20
No. Of Vehicles984445

Building Manager informed that the car re-processor is not willing to remove the 4 abandoned vehicles as they had been harassed by the “Ah Longs” who claimed to own these vehicles. Building Manager is to source tow truck operators or an owner of Mawar Apartments to assist.

Building Manager will proceed to enforce that all residents’ vehicles are affixed with Mawar Apartments car stickers as to ensure easy identification and to prevent increase in abandoned cars.

Proposed To Replace 600 Amps Electrical Busduct For Owners’ Units At Block B High Zones

The above work was awarded to Jayatech Engineering at RM82,000 and work is in progress. 

Proposed Minor Renovation Of Staff Quarters At Block D Basement 3

The renovation plan application to Majlis Perbandaran Bentong will be approved soon.

I Craye Concept will proceed with some necessary works like, replacing the rooms existing plywood doors with fire rated doors pending approval from MPB. 

The firefighting system work was awarded to Fire Control Engineering Sdn Bhd at RM17,840. The work will commence upon approval of renovation plan from MPB.

Proposed To Sub-Divide Room 8 At Basement 4, Block D

The above work was awarded to I Craye Concept at RM9,150 and work will commence soon.

Proposed To Repair Water Leakages At Block A Car Porch & Block B Lobby

The car porch repair work is completed and Committee agreed to proceed the same repair work for all car porches at Blocks B, C and D. However, owner of unit B/02-A is not well to arrange the repair of the water leakage from his unit down to the lobby. Building Manager to expedite this work.

Proposed Installation Of CCTV Cameras At All Blocks GF Lobbies

The above work was awarded to P-Merit Engineering at RM21,000 and work will commence soon.

Proposed Rain Water Harvest System

Building Manager in progress to source costings to install the system.

Proposed Building Insurances For Y2021

Insurance agent, Dingings Corporate Insurance Agency (DC) agreed to provide building valuation and thermography services at no cost to us. DC agreed that payment of premium in 2 installments and an additional Inconvenience Allowance Clause of RM1,000. DC informed that Tokio Marine (M) Bhd (TM) reduced the premium from RM43,752.88 to RM43,305.99. The premium paid this year was RM51,166.02. Committee decided to purchase the building insurance for Y2021 from TM.

Our present insurance broker, State Insurance Brokers Sdn Bhd informed that our current insurer, Liberty Insurance Bhd (Liberty) is willing to add Trace and Access, Claims Preparation, Temporary Protection and Inconvenience Allowance clauses in their proposal. Liberty also reduced their proposed premium to RM47,079.73.

Routine Service Of Building Electrical Switch Gears

The building electrical switch gears mandatory routine service was awarded to YP Engineering Services Sdn Bhd (YP) at RM17,100.00 and the work was completed on 25/11/2020.

During the routine service, YP found a total of 24 electrical switchgears/components faulty and need replacement. YP quoted RM34,000 to replace these faulty switchgears/components and RM8,000 to fill the electrical cable trenches with sand and seal all electrical cables holes to prevent rodents from entering the switchboards. Committee decided to source an additional quote for comparison.

Proposal To Replace 2 Units Existing Faulty Treadmills In GYM Room

Committee viewed the warranty of the various parts of the equipment proposed by Elite Sports & Fitness S/B (Elite), Bina Raga Sports & Fitness (Bina) and Johnson Fitness (M) S/B (Johnson). Committee narrowed down to 2 treadmills which are TA-765 (RM10,500 each) proposed by Elite and Vision 600 (RM8,000 each) proposed by Johnson. Building Manager is to breakdown the specifications of these equipment for further discussion and decision.

Damaged Underground Main Water Pipe At Block C

The above damaged pipe was repaired by CSK Workshop S/B and in progress to retar the road.

Our insurance broker informed that this damage is not claimable.

Application To Public Bank Bhd At Batang Kali Branch For E-Banking Facilities

The above application was done and we can retrieve our account statements and other information.

Driving Wrong Direction In Car Park

It was noted that on several occasions, residents drove their vehicles in the wrong direction in the car park for their convenient. To discourage such practice and prevent incident, Committee agreed to install road humps on the driveway and railings at the entrances to the lift lobbies to control vehicles from speeding  and prevent children from rushing into the driveway from the lift lobby.  

Mawar’s Website Outstanding Issues

Committee member, Mr. Jonathan will liaise with the Building Manager on the outstanding issues in our Mawar’s website. 

Covid-19 Prevention

In view of the several Covid-19 cases within Genting Highlands and as a preventive measure, a notice was issued to inform all residents that their body temperature will be taken by the security personnel at the Guard House before entering Mawar Apartments. If any resident found with high body temperature, his/her particulars will be recorded and advised to seek medical treatment immediately. To further improve this, Committee agreed that all residents are required to scan the authority’s MySejahtera QR code upon entry into Mawar Apartments.

Further to this, more frequent cleanings were carried out at the common areas like the lift cars, door handles, tables and chairs with disinfectants. Beside face masks, rubber gloves were also provided to both the security and cleaning personnel for additional safety control.

Renewal Of Lifts Licenses

All the 16 passenger lifts are due for inspection by the authority, Jabatan Keselamatan Dan Kesihatan Pekerjaaan in order to renew the lifts licenses. Our lift contractor, AAT Elevator(M) Sdn Bhd had carried out pre-inspection of all the lifts and informed that Lifts D1 and D2 lifts hoisting wire ropes need to be shorten as per requirement. This work will be carried out soon.     

Proposed To Refurbish Arm Chairs

An arm chair at Block A GF lobby does not match the existing arm chairs. Committee agreed to refurbish 5 units extra old arm chairs to replace this one and the rest for future replacement.

Application To Telekom Malaysia Bhd For Fibre Optic Infrastructure

Telekom Malaysia Bhd(TM) recently launched their Fibre-To-Home infrastructure upgrade at Gohtong Jaya. We had applied to TM for this upgrade to Mawar Apartments to improve the telecommunication system and benefit all in Mawar Apartments. Building Manager will liaise closely with TM on this matter.

Uneven Tarmac Surface At Main Road

It was reported that the tarmac surface at the main road is uneven and caused bumpy drives. This patch was recently resurfaced due to the repair of a damaged water pipe by the water supplier. Building Manager is to liaise with the water supplier to make good this patch of uneven tarmac.

Next Meeting 

The next Management Committee meeting will be held on 9th January 2021 (Sat) at 2.00 p.m., Meeting Room, Ground Floor, Block B, Mawar Apartments.

The meeting ended at 4.40 p.m.  The

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