Venue: Meeting Room, Ground Floor, Block B, Mawar Apartments, Jalan Jati 2, Taman Gohtong Jaya, Genting Highlands, Pahang.

Date & Time: Saturday, 14th November 2020 at 2.00 p.m. 

Confirmation of 113th Committee Meeting Minutes

The minutes which was signed and posted on the notice boards was confirmed without amendment. 

Matters Arising                                                 

Security Services                                                            

The security services’ performance for October 2020 improved to 6.9/10. Overall performance was satisfactory.

MonthMar 20Apr 20May 20Jun 20Jul 20Au 20Sep 20Oct 20

Building Manager to conduct first-aid and emergency trainings to the security personnel for effective handling during such situations.

Cleaning Services

The cleaning services’ rating for October 2020 improved to 8.0/10.  Overall performance was good.

MonthMar 20Apr 20May 20Jun 20Jul 20Aug 20Sep 20Oct 20

Management Staff Monthly KPI Report

The management staff performances for October 2020 were 7.5 and 6.7 for administration and maintenance departments respectively. Admin dept needs to schedule tasks to the respective staff accordingly whereas, maintenance dept’s head has to improve further on his punctuality to work.

Administration Dept                                                       

MonthJun 20Jul 20Aug 20Sep 20Oct 20

Maintenance Dept

MonthJun 20Jul 20Aug 20Sep 20Oct 20

Suggestions & Complaints

Complaints received in October 2020 were cigarette butts been thrown onto the pavement by residents and noisy neighbor. These were resolved accordingly.

An owner emailed to us and complained that we did not respond to his complaint and our charges for a minor repair in his unit was too high. We replied his email and as of today we did not hear from him.

PPAM Accounts

October 2020 income was RM122,357.15 with a surplus of RM48,288.98. There were no significant expenditures incurred in this month. October 2020 electricity and water charges were RM11,990.80 and RM327.70 respectivelyarapet wall height at Block D lan gate and RM2300.

Highlights of the Income and Expenditure Statement are as follows:

In RMJul 20Aug 20Sep 20Oct 20
Cost Of Services98,34885,43763,90454,877
Gross Profit24,01030,42152,29567,480
Other Income11,93918,19422,67618,964
Total Income35,94848,61674,97286,444
Admin & Operating Expenses36,85940,76766,93038,156
Surplus/Deficit b4Tax(911)7,8498,04248,289

From the Balance Sheet, the following significant figures were noted:

In RM  As At31/07/2031/08/2030/09/2031/10/20
Fixed Deposits1,019,2361,021,7761,027,9071,219,740
Maintenance Receivables49,992111,002170,02138,679
Sinking Fund1,288,3041,299,8731,311,4411,323,010
Surplus C/F1,142,8431,150,6921,158,4341,206,723

Note: Since there was surplus fund in our operating account and with the Committee’s approval, RM185,000 was placed into fixed deposit at Public Bank, Batang Kali.

Outstanding Payments     

The top defaulters as at 14/11/2020 and the actions taken are as follows: –

RankUnitOwnerO/S (RM)MthsActions Taken
1B9BLEE LOK MOOI115,654.41271Liaison with lawyer – Sri Dev & Naila.
2B10FTAN CHIN FOONG107,680.33188Liaison with lawyer – Sri Dev & Naila.
3A6KYIP NGUK YIN3,141.2719Owner did not pay outstanding as awarded by Tribunal. Tribunal informed that we can proceed with civil actions and B/Mgr is to source legal advice and costings.
4C2CTAN CHOO GEOK1,904.0510NTD sent on 24/08/2020. Short fall of service charges and contribution to the sinking fund for period from Oct 2017 to Jun 2020.
5C2IYLS PROPERTY HOLDING SDN BHD1,904.0510NTD sent on 24/08/2020. Short fall of service charges and contribution to the sinking fund for period from Oct 2017 to Jun 2020.
6C16KYOONG SIEW FOONG1,700.2010 Submitted to Tribunal on 12/08/2020 and hearing which was scheduled on 19/10/2020 was postponed.
7C10LTAN JOON YIAN2,010.888 To send NTD.
8C11FMOHAMAD ISKANDAR LEE1,326.837 Reminder sent on 09/102020 and to send NTD.
9A5CKANTHA A/L RASALINGAM1,314.757 Reminder sent on 09/102020 and to send NTD.
10C9KLIM THIAM CHOY832.437 Reminder sent on 09/102020 and to send NTD.
11A10KCHAN CHEE CHOW637.355To send reminder and NTD. 
12C17BTEE KEN PING1,329.214To send reminder and NTD. 
13C18ATEE KEN PING1,329.214To send reminder and NTD. 
14D13LLEE LIP WOOI1,082.094To send reminder and NTD. 
15D9LYANG GUONONG1,026.124To send reminder and NTD. 
16A2GYEOH AH LIAN1,021.204To send reminder and NTD. 
17B10GWOO WEE [email protected]1,021.204To send reminder and NTD. 
18B11GTEE SWEE HOO1,011.334To send reminder and NTD. 
19C13GYAP HOW KEONG1,011.334To send reminder and NTD. 
20D11LSEOW WAH KHAM1,011.334To send reminder and NTD. 
21B12JTAN AI CHIN753.104To send reminder and NTD. 
22C2DMAIDEEN IBRAHIM PULAVAR752.854To send reminder and NTD. 
23A13AWEN ZHENGQIU733.584To send reminder and NTD. 
24C2AANG BOON YU732.034To send reminder and NTD. 
25C16JCS DELCAN CORPORATION701.144To send reminder and NTD. 
26D17HLIM AH YEE588.824To send reminder and NTD. 
27B16KNGAI WENG HEONG529.774To send reminder and NTD. 
28C15HKOH KOK HENG529.774To send reminder and NTD. 

Actions On Top Defaulters – Units B/09-B & B/10-F

Building Manager had written a 4th letter to Jabatan Penilaian & Pengurusan Harta on the auction of the units to recover the outstanding and a copy of the said letter was sent to the Prime Minister Dept for more effective response.

Unit B/09-B (Lee Lok Mooi) – Lawyer Messer. Sri Dev & Naila had written to the Insolvency Department to set a date for creditor’s meeting to seek the possibility to auction the unit.

Unit B/10-F (Tan Chin Foong) – Lawyer had written to Maybank to clarify whether the defaulters have settled their loan with the bank. However, the bank is not being co-operative and the file cannot be located. Committee decided to arrange a meeting with lawyer- Sri Dev & Naila to discuss on next course of actions. However, in view of the CMCO, the meeting is still pending.

Unit C/02-I (YLS Property Holding Sdn Bhd) – The owner wrote to us that they are not agreeable to pay the outstanding amount of RM1,904.05 being shortfall charges for period from October 2017 to June 2020. The owner reiterated that it was our mistake on the computation of the charges based on lower share units. The owner enquired on our charges in Y2017, when we changed our calculation of the charges/sinking fund from square feet to share units based on record from the land office, we informed the owner that the charges were correct. The same shortfall was charged to unit C/02-C. Thereafter, we informed the land office of the error and it was corrected. Committee decided to proceed with further actions to recover the shortfall.

Breakdown Of Lifts

There were 3 lift breakdowns in October 2020.

MonthMay 20Jun 20Jul 20Aug 20Sep 20Oct 20
No. Of Breakdown158351

Other Matters      

Record & Actions On Abandoned/without Stickers Vehicles In Car Park

As of October 2020, the record is as below: –

MonthMay 20Jun 20Jul 20Aug 20Sep 20Oct 20
No. Of Vehicles984444

The remaining 4 abandoned vehicles will be relocated beside the Guard House before removing them from Mawar Apts soon.

Building Manager is to enforce that all residents’ vehicles are affixed with Mawar car stickers as to ensure easy identification and to prevent increase in abandoned cars in the car park.

Proposed To Replace 600 Amps Electrical Busduct For Owners’ Units At Block A & B High Zones

The work to replace the electrical busducts to electrical cables at Block A high zones 1 & 2 is completed.

Proposed to proceed to replace the problematic electrical busducts to electrical cables at Block B high zones 1 & 2 (final replacement work). The current installation contractor, Jayatech Engineering (JTE) quoted RM82,280.00 and Committee agreed to award the work to JTE. 

Proposed Minor Renovation Of Staff Quarters At Block D Basement 3

The architect resubmitted the renovation plan to Majlis Perbandaran Bentong (MPB) for approval.

As the above work was awarded to I Craye Concept (ICC) at RM165,720, it was agreed to proceed with some necessary works like, replacing the rooms existing plywood doors with fire rated doors pending approval from MPB. However, in view of the current CMCO, the work is on hold.

The Committee agreed to award the firefighting system work to Fire Control Engineering Sdn Bhd at RM17,840.00. The work will commence upon approval of renovation plan from MPB.

Proposed Placement Of Excess Fund Into Fixed Deposit At Public Bank

As agreed by the Committee to place surplus funds into fixed deposits, a total of RM185,000 was placed into fixed deposits (3 x RM50K & 1 x RM35K) at Public Bank, Batang Kali.

Proposed To Sub-Divide Room 8 At Basement 4, Block D

Committee agreed to sub-divide the above room into 2 rooms and the quotes received are tabled below for Committee’s decision;

Description Of Work/ContractorI Craye Concept (RM)Ding Fhoong (M) S/B (RM)Varitech Electronic & Eng (RM)
To supply labour and materials to construct new brick wall, brick up existing glass panels, install 2 nos. fire rated doors, electrical wiring/installation, repainting and etc to sub-divide Room No. 8 into 2 rooms.  9,150.00  12,910.00  15,200.00

Committee decided to award the work to I Craye Concept at RM9,150.00.

Proposed To Repair Water Leakages At Block A Car Porch & Block B Lobby

The above works are in progress.

Proposed Installation Of CCTV Cameras At All Blocks GF Lobbies

As it was agreed to install CCTV cameras (wide coverage and zoom capabilities) at all blocks GF lobbies, proposed to install 11 cameras for sufficient coverage at these areas.  

Our CCTV contractor, P-Merit Engineering (P-Merit) quoted RM21K to install digital cameras c/w zoom features for clearer viewing. Proposed to award the work to P-Merit as the contractor is familiar with the building existing CCTV system furthermore, they had installed a main backbone cable which will be used for future upgrading of the existing analog cameras to digital cameras.  This will reduce our cost for future upgrading/additional works and easier to troubleshoot and maintain the system. For info, analog cameras will soon be phased out. Committee agreed to award the above work to P-Merit at RM21,000.00.

 Proposed Rain Water Harvest System

It was proposed to harvest rain water for our daily usage especially for the landscape and also help to reduce on our water bills. Building Manager contacted 2 rain water harvesting contractors and a contractor quoted approximately RM60K to install a system.

As the cost is very high, Building Manager proposed that a simple system can be installed at about RM25K to RM30K. Committee agreed to this proposal and Building Manager is to proceed to install a system.

Proposed Building Insurances For Y2021

A paper for the renewal of the building insurances for Y2021 was presented to the Committee for consideration and approval.

Committee decided to request from insurance agent, Dingings Corporate Insurance Agency to provide building valuation report and thermography service at no cost to us. Further to this, payment of premium to breakdown to 2 installments.

Routine Service Of Building Electrical Switch Gears

The building electrical switch gears are due for mandatory routine service as required by the authority. Obtained 3 quotations, tabled below for Committee’s decision;

Description Of Work/ContractorYP Engineering Services S/B (RM)Jaya Tech Engineering Service S/B (RM)Realwise Acme S/B   (RM)
To supply labour and materials to service and recalibrate all electrical switch gears (ACB, protection relays and capacitor banks c/w calibration reports) at Blocks A & C Main Electrical Switch Rooms.  17,100.00  17,750.00 19,040.00

Committee decided to award the above work to YP Engineering Services Sdn Bhd at RM17,100.00.

Proposal To Replace 2 Units Existing Faulty Treadmills In GYM Room

The 2 units treadmills (Model: AIBI CLUB LINE ABT-77) are faulty and according to the equipment supplier, Aibi Fitness Station, these equipment are too old and parts are not available. Our in-house maintenance managed to repair these equipment some time ago however, these equipment are now beyond repair. In view of this, proposed to replace these old treadmills and obtained quotes from 3 suppliers as shown on screen for Committee’s decision.

Committee selected the proposals from suppliers Elite Sports & Fitness S/B and Bina Raga Sports & Fitness S/B and requested Building Manager to further breakdown the warranty of the various parts of the proposed equipment. This is for easy valuation and decision. Further to this, Building Manager is to arrange visits to both suppliers’ show rooms to view the equipment for final decision.

Damaged Underground Main Water Pipe At Block C

On 04/11/2020, the main underground water pipe located at the rear road beside Block C was found damaged (water leaking onto the road surface).  Building Manager informed via WhatsApp to our Executive Committee on this matter and approval was obtained to repair the damaged pipe. The damaged pipe was repaired by contractor, CSK Workshop S/B on 11/11/2020 and in progress to cover pipe and retar road.

Building Manager is to inform our insurer broker to claim for this damage.

Application To Public Bank Bhd At Batang Kali Branch For E-Banking Facilities

As we have placed our funds into fixed deposits at the above bank, Committee agreed to apply for this e-banking facility from the bank for the convenience to retrieve our account statements and other information.

Next Meeting 

The next Management Committee meeting will be held on 12th December 2020 (Sat) at 2.00 p.m., Meeting Room, Ground Floor, Block B, Mawar Apartments.               

The meeting ended at 4.30 p.m.

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