Venue: Meeting Room, Ground Floor, Block B, Mawar Apartments, Jalan Jati 2, Taman Gohtong Jaya, Genting Highlands, Pahang.

Date & Time: Saturday, 26th September 2020 at 2.00 p.m. 

Confirmation of 112th Committee Meeting Minutes

The minutes which was signed and posted on the notice boards was confirmed without amendment. 

Matters Arising                                                 

Security Services                                                            

The security services’ performance for August 2020 remained at 6.6/10. Overall performance was satisfactory.

MonthJan 20Feb 20Mar 20Apr 20May 20Jun 20Jul 20Aug 20

Cleaning Services

The cleaning services’ rating for August 2020 remained at 7.6/10.  Overall performance was good.

MonthJan 20Feb 20Mar 20Apr 20May 20Jun 20Jul 20Aug 20


Management Staff Monthly KPI Report

The management staff performances for August 2020 were 6.9 and 6.2 for administration and maintenance departments respectively. Admin dept needs to schedule tasks to the respective staff accordingly whereas, maintenance dept has slightly improved on their punctuality to work.

Administration Dept                                                       

MonthJun 20Jul 20Aug 20

Maintenance Dept

MonthJun 20Jul 20Aug 20

Suggestions & Complaints

A complaint was received in August 2020 regarding an owner’s request to replace his damaged access card FOC and our office declined his request.

PPAM Accounts

August 2020 income was RM115,857.92 with a surplus of RM7,848.86. Significant expenditures incurred in this month were RM17,000 being repair of sinking road beside Block A and RM1,326 being upgraded Admin Officer’s (Ninie) PC to Window 10.  August 2020 electricity and water charges were RM12,248.55 and RM517.65 respectivelyarapet wall height at Block D lan gate and RM2300.

Highlights of the Income and Expenditure Statement are as follows:

In RMMay 20Jun 20Jul 20Aug 20
Cost Of Services54,80050,43298,34885,437
Gross Profit67,48468,62724,01030,421
Other Income11,68918,45511,93918,194
Total Income79,17387,80135,94848,616
Admin & Operating Expenses38,81419,91436,85940,767
Surplus/Deficit b4Tax40,35967,167(911)7,849

From the Balance Sheet, the following significant figures were noted:

In RM  As At31/05/2030/06/2031/07/2031/08/20
Fixed Deposits1,086,6581,089,3661,019,2361,021,776
Maintenance Receivables183,069174,82449,992111,002
Sinking Fund1,264,8701,276,7351,288,3041,299,873
Surplus C/F1,076,5871,143,7541,142,8431,150,692

Note: As per the previous meeting, it was noted that the sinking fund monthly contribution for April 2020 was only RM4K instead of RM11,567.92. The reason for this was that RM7K being replacement of a faulty main switchgear was wrongly deducted from this account and this was corrected as indicated in this month statement.

Outstanding Payments     

The top defaulters as at 22/09/2020 and the actions taken are as follows: –

RankUnitOwnerO/S (RM)MthsActions Taken
1B9BLEE LOK MOOI112,600.62269Liaison with lawyer – Sri Dev & Naila.
2B10FTAN CHIN FOONG104,727.67186Liaison with lawyer – Sri Dev & Naila.
3C2CTAN CHOO GEOK1,642.4133NTD sent on 24/08/2020. Short fall of service charges and contribution to the sinking fund for period from Oct 2017 to Jun 2020.
4C2IYLS PROPERTY HOLDING SDN BHD1,642.4133NTD sent on 24/08/2020. Short fall of service charges and contribution to the sinking fund for period from Oct 2017 to Jun 2020.
5A6KYIP NGUK YIN2,808.3017Owner did not pay outstanding as awarded by Tribunal. Tribunal informed that we can proceed with civil actions and B/Mgr is to source legal advice and costings.
6B16FONG AIK LAY1,826.908 Submitted to Tribunal on 12/08/2020 and hearing scheduled on 19/10/2020.
7B16EONG AIK LAY1,416.208 Submitted to Tribunal on 12/08/2020 and hearing scheduled on 19/10/2020.
8C16KYOONG SIEW FOONG1,407.138 Submitted to Tribunal on 12/08/2020 and hearing scheduled on 19/10/2020.
9C10LTAN JOON YIAN1,472.886 To send NTD
12C9KLIM THIAM CHOY555.955 To send NTD

Actions On Top Defaulters – Units B/09-B & B/10-F

Building Manager had written a 4th letter to Jabatan Penilaian & Pengurusan Harta on the auction of the units to recover the outstanding and a copy of the said letter was sent to the Prime Minister Dept for more effective response.

Unit B/09-B (Lee Lok Mooi) – Lawyer Messer. Sri Dev & Naila had written to the Insolvency Department to set a date for creditor’s meeting to seek the possibility to auction the unit.

Unit B/10-F (Tan Chin Foong) – Lawyer had written to Maybank to clarify whether the defaulters have settled their loan with the bank. However, the bank is not being co-operative and the file cannot be located. It was proposed to consider recovery of outstanding amount by attachment of moveable property in the unit in accordance to section 79 of the Strata Management Act 2013 to effect forcible entry into the unit. Committee decided to arrange a meeting with lawyer- Sri Dev & Naila to discuss on next course of actions.

Breakdown Of Lifts

There were 3 lift breakdowns in August 2020.

MonthMar 20Apr 20May 20Jun 20Jul 20Aug 20
No. Of BreakdownNilNil1583

Other Matters      

Record & Actions On Abandoned/without Stickers Vehicles In Car Park

As of August 2020, the record is as below: –

MonthMar 20Apr 20May 20Jun 20Jul 20Aug 20
No. Of Vehicles14159844

The remaining 4 abandoned vehicles will be relocated beside the Guard House before removing them from Mawar Apts soon.

Proposed To Replace 600 Amps Electrical Busduct For Owners’ Units At Block A & B High Zones

The work to replace the electrical busducts to electrical cables at Block A high zones 1 & 2 was awarded to Jaya Tech Engineering (JTE) at RM85,140 and the work will commence soon.

Proposed Minor Renovation Of Staff Quarters At Block D Basement 3

The architect resubmitted the renovation plan to Majlis Perbandaran Bentong (MPB) for approval.

The above work will be awarded to ICraye Concept (ICC) RM165,720 as agreed by the Committee in the previous meeting. Pending formal approval from the authority, which might be awhile, proposed to proceed with some necessary works like, constructing toilets to some rooms and replacing existing rooms plywood doors to fire rated doors.  Committee decided to proceed with some necessary works, like replacing the rooms existing plywood doors with fire rated doors pending approval from MPB).

Reference to the Committee’s suggestion to source 3 quotations for the firefighting system, 3 contractors quoted for the work and their summarized quotations are shown at the screen. Committee

decided to award the work to Fire Control Engineering Sdn Bhd, who was the initial installer of the fire system and quoted the lowest, at RM17,840.00.

Proposed Mawar Apartments’ Logo

Several logo submissions were received from committee member, Mr. Kevin Ang. After much deliberation and consideration on all the logo submissions received, Committee selected the logo submitted by Mr. Kevin Ang as the winner. The price money of RM300 will be awarded to him and the cost for the patent of the logo design will be borne by the Management Corporation.

Proposed Lockers For Residents Parcels

The above locker system has been implemented w.e.f 18/09/2020 and except for some minor protests from a few residents, the system is operating smoothly.

Leaking Under Ground Water Pipe At Block D

The above work is completed.

Unit Trust Funds

The trust funds were sold on 01/09/2020 and further to this, the Commissioner Of Buildings (COB) advised us that we may place surplus moneys into an income-bearing deposit account with a bank or financial institution and COB confirmed that unit trusts are not such institution. Building Manager had, on 2 occasions, verbally informed the Head of COB on our investment and was advised to adhere to proper procedures. 

Mid-Autumn Get-Together Event On 26/09/2020

The above annual event is scheduled today at 7.00 p.m. A total of 380 owners/representatives will be participating in this event and table-sitting of 6 pax to a table as to observe the MCO guidelines. The dinner will be held at Blocks C & D lobbies and caterer Hong Yun Catering Sdn Bhd will serve an 8-course dinner.

Proposed Placement Of Excess Fund Into Fixed Deposit At Public Bank

For information, there is RM323K of fund in our Public Bank account. With reference to our 107th meeting held on 22/02/2020 to place the surplus service charges and sinking fund accumulated from a unit (B/07-C) under our administration into fixed deposit, proposed to place RM35K into the above bank to earn interest. Since there is surplus fund, further proposed to place RM150K into fixed deposit of RM50K each at the same bank to earn interest for the operation of Mawar Apts. Committee agreed to place these proposed funds into fixed deposits.

With reference to the above, Building Manager is to check and confirm with Public Bank on the maximum coverage for corporate’s saving. 

Proposed To Sub-Divide Room 8 At Basement 4, Block D

Room 8 located at basement 4, Block D is vacant and it was previously rented by the former security company. This room is huge, approximately 400 sq ft, proposed to sub-divide this said room into 2 rooms for easy leasing. Committee agreed to this proposal and Building Manager is to source quotations for approval.

Proposed To Repair Water Leakages At Block A Car Porch & Block B Lobby

There are water leakages at the above areas and will source costings for Committee’s approval.

Proposed Installation Of CCTV Cameras At All Blocks GF Lobbies

It was noted that some residents were found frequently smoking at the GF lobbies especially at Block D, bringing of pets and cycling in these areas. It was proposed to install CCTV cameras (wide coverage and zoom capabilities) at these lobbies. Committee agreed and Building Manager is to source quotations for Committee’s approval.

 Proposed Rain Water Harvest System

It was proposed to harvest rain water for our daily usage especially for the landscape and also help to reduce on our water bills. Building Manager is to look into this proposal and costing for Committee’s consideration.

Next Meeting 

The next Management Committee meeting will be held on 17th October 2020 (Sat) at 2.00 p.m., Meeting Room, Ground Floor, Block B, Mawar Apartments.           

The meeting ended at 4.00 p.m.

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