Venue: Meeting Room, Ground Floor, Block B, Mawar Apartments, Jalan Jati 2, Taman Gohtong Jaya, Genting Highlands, Pahang.

Date & Time: Saturday, 25th July 2020 at 11.20 a.m. 

Committee Members, Election Of Office Bearers, Appointment Of Signatories And Authority Limits

After the conclusion of the 10th Annual General Meeting today, 10 proprietors of Mawar Apartments were elected as the Committee Members of the 10th Management Corporation for Y2020/21 and they were: –

  1. Ang Chui Soon                   5)   Ho Nya Chong, Paul     9)   Toh Ban Chong, Johnathan
  2. Choong Boon Loong          6)   Ng Nai Pong                10)   Lee Sai Pan
  3. ang Chong Min Ann               7)   Ong Hock Chye
  4. Chow Chee Tho                 8)   Ong Kok Siew

The Committee Members elected the followings as Executive Committee for Y2020/21 :-

1)   Chairman   – Ong Kok Siew

2)   Secretary   – Ng Nai Pong

3)   Treasurer   – Chong Min Ann

Committee Members agreed that the above three Executive Committee and a Committee Member, Toh Ban Chong, will be the authorized signatories with the following financial authority limits:

A)   Public Bank Bhd account:

1)   Up to RM20,000   – any 2 authorized signatories.

2)   Above RM20,000 – any 3 authorized signatories.

B)   Affin Bank Bhd Account:

Any 2 authorized signatories without limits however, all withdrawals shall be via cheques and made payable to Perbadanan Pengurusan Apartmen Mawar only.    

Committee Members agreed that approval of expenses will be subjected to the following financial authority limits: –

1)   Up to RM10,000   –   majority of Executive Committee Members.

2)   Above RM10,000 –   simple majority of Committee Members.

Building Manager to officially inform Public Bank Bhd and Affin Bank Bhd on the above authorization limits and signatories accordingly.

Confirmation of 110th Committee Meeting Minutes

The minutes which was signed and posted on the notice boards was confirmed without amendment.

Matters Arising                                                 

Security Services                                                            

The security services’ performance by the new security provider, Nusantara Security Sdn Bhd for June 2020 was 6.5/10. Overall performance was satisfactory.

MonthNov 19Dec 19Jan 20Feb 20Mar 20Apr 20May 20Jun 20

Cleaning Services

The cleaning services’ rating for June 2020 remained at 7.5/10.  Overall performance was good.

MonthNov 19Dec 19Jan 20Feb 20Mar 20Apr 20May 20Jun 20

Management Staff Monthly KPI Report

As per the Committee’s suggestion to conduct monthly performance of the management staff, the staffs’ (administration and maintenance) ratings for June 2020 are 6.9/10 and 6.0/10 for administration and maintenance respectively. Both departments are to improve on their respective areas as per the evaluation.

Administration Dept                                               Maintenance Dept

MonthJun 20
MonthJun 20

Suggestions & Complaints

There were no complaints or suggestions received in June 2020. 

PPAM Accounts

June 2020 income was RM119,058.34 with a surplus of RM67,166.88. This surplus income was RM2,979.90 being shortfall of charges from 2 units, RM3,673.50 being refund of penalty from Income Tax Dept for late submission for Y2012 and RM24,137.74 being reverse of Y2020 insurance premium. Significant expenditures incurred were RM700.00 being purchase of used equipment from Sport Centre and RM3,158 being purchase of 3 years protection for our Mawar website. June 2020 electricity and water charges were RM11,778.80 and RM371.20 respectivelyarapet wall height at Block D lan gate and RM2300.

Highlights of the Income and Expenditure Statement are as follows:

In RMMar 20Apr 20May 20Jun 20
Cost Of Services66,19452,86754,80050,432
Gross Profit50,12562,50367,48468,627
Other Income7,63910,75111,68918,455
Total Income57,76473,25479,17387,801
Admin & Operating Expenses37,74560,09738,81419,914
Surplus/Deficit b4Tax20,02013,15740,35967,167

From the Balance Sheet, the following significant figures were noted:

In RM  As At31/03/2030/04/2031/05/2030/06/20
Fixed Deposits1,081,1601,084,6241,086,6581,089,366
Maintenance Receivables165,227153,624183,069174,824
Sinking Fund1,241,7511,246,3101,257,8701,269,735
Surplus C/F1,024,6921,043,2281,083,5871,150,754

Outstanding Payments     

The top defaulters as at 24/07/2020 and the actions taken are as follows: –

RankUnitOwnerO/S (RM)MthsActions Taken
1B9BLEE LOK MOOI109,678.80267Liaison with lawyer – Sri Dev & Naila.
2B10FTAN CHIN FOONG101,902.50184Liaison with lawyer – Sri Dev & Naila.
3A6KYIP NGUK YIN2,490.8115Owner did not pay outstanding as awarded by Tribunal. Submitted to Tribunal on this matter on 09/12/2019.
4C10LTAN JOON YIAN2,416.799 To submit to Tribunal.
5A11ESUNG FOOK KEONG779.5062nd NTD issued on 24/07/2020 and to submit to Tribunal.
6A17EYEO KENG CHOONG1,531.026Owner informed charges paid. Waiting for confirmation.
7B13GSJAHRIAL ONG1,526.5462nd NTD issued on 24/07/2020 and to submit to Tribunal.
8B16EONG AIK LAY820.3462nd NTD issued on 24/07/2020 and to submit to Tribunal.
9B16FONG AIK LAY1,125.7462nd NTD issued on 24/07/2020 and to submit to Tribunal.
10C15ENG KIM CHEONG791.516Owner informed charges paid. Waiting for confirmation.
11C16KYOONG SIEW FOONG811.4962nd NTD issued on 24/07/2020 and to submit to Tribunal.
12A10KCHAN CHEE CHOW590.165Owner informed charges paid. Waiting for confirmation.
13A3CYAP LAI PING541.933 To issue NTD
15A5ETAN MUI HONG411.003 To issue NTD
16A6JCHAI HONG KI541.933 To issue NTD
17A7DLEONG WOON KEW541.933 To issue NTD
18A8FLIM JEW NGEE532.293 To issue NTD
19A8JWONG TOO ONN532.313 To issue NTD
20A8LLAW BABY748.723 To issue NTD
21A9EMD NOOR BIN BAHARI392.193 To issue NTD
22A10BNG KAH WEI & SEOW CHEE370.363 To issue NTD
24A11ITAY KAI [email protected] KAY541.933 To issue NTD
25A12EYAP KHOON TIAN392.193 To issue NTD
26A12FCHANG I-YIN541.933 To issue NTD
27A17ACHEONG YOKE CHEE541.933 To issue NTD
28B2FTU CHING FOOK462.523 To issue NTD
29B3DSUSAN TAN LEE LEE541.933 To issue NTD
30B5GLOO CHOOI TING748.723 To issue NTD
32B5KCHEEN LEE PHENG400.953 To issue NTD
33B9CYONG CHIN FUI541.933 To issue NTD
34B10EFOONG MUN CHOONG391.193 To issue NTD
35B10GWOO WEE WEE748.723 To issue NTD
38B11KTAN SOO BOEY400.443 To issue NTD
39B13HCHIN TEK KOI & SONS SDN BHD392.193 To issue NTD
40B13KFOONG CHOY CHYE392.193 To issue NTD
41B15KLOW TUCK CHUNG386.103 To issue NTD
42C2CTAN CHOO GEOK392.193 To issue NTD
44C3ALOH AH MENG541.933 To issue NTD
45C6KTAN KIANG TECK388.653 To issue NTD
46C9KLIM THIAM CHOY291.493 To issue NTD
49C16CTANG LEE HIOK541.933 To issue NTD
50C16EYAKITY TOURS SDN BHD392.193 To issue NTD
53D7HTEY SIEW KEE412.373 To issue NTD
54D8DAREERAT ER762.983 To issue NTD
55D9CWOON LIN SING776.403 To issue NTD
56D10CYAP CHEE SING762.983 To issue NTD
57D11ITANG MOOI YIN541.933 To issue NTD
58D16ABLIEW KOK WAI734.463 To issue NTD
59D17DWONG WAI CHIN840.213 To issue NTD

Actions On Top Defaulters – Units B/09-B & B/10-F

Building Manager had written a 4th letter to Jabatan Penilaian & Pengurusan Harta on the auction of the units to recover the outstanding and a copy of the said letter was sent to the Prime Minister Dept for more effective response.

Unit B/09-B (Lee Lok Mooi) – Lawyer Messer. Sri Dev & Naila had written to the Insolvency Department to set a date for creditor’s meeting to seek the possibility to auction the unit.

Unit B/10-F (Tan Chin Foong) – Lawyer had written to Maybank to clarify whether the defaulters have settled their loan with the bank. However, the bank is not being co-operative and the file cannot be located. Building Manager to liaise with lawyer on next course of action.

Breakdown Of Lifts

There were 5 lift breakdowns in June 2020 and these were mainly due to worn out electrical contactors. The lift technician is replacing these faulty contactors progressively.

MonthJan 20Feb 20Mar 20Apr 20May 20Jun 20
No. Of BreakdownNilNilNilNil15

Other Matters      

Record & Actions On Abandoned/without Stickers Vehicles In Car Park

As of June 2020, the record is as below: –

MonthJan 20Feb 20Mar 20Apr 20May 20Jun 20
No. Of Vehicles1415141598

On 07/05/2020, a notice was issued on 6 abandoned vehicles parked in the car park for the owners of these vehicles to response to us. A vehicle was reprocessed and another vehicle was claimed by a resident. A police report was made on the remaining 4 vehicles on 08/072020 and should there be no response, these abandoned vehicles will be removed accordingly.

Proposed To Replace 600 Amps Electrical Busduct For Owners’ Units At Block A & B High Zones

The Committee agreed to replace the remaining problematic electrical busducts to electrical cables at Blocks A & B high zones (Level 9 to Level 18) progressively as to avoid frequent breakdowns.

In the previous meeting, the Committee agreed to replace the electrical busducts to electrical cables at Block A high zones 1 & 2 at RM90,640.00 quoted by Jaya Tech Engineering. However, upon checking the details of the costings during the tender exercise of the works, there were some discrepancies in the quantity of the electrical cables quoted. Building Manager is finalizing this matter with the contractor before submitting for approval.

Proposed Minor Renovation Of Staff Quarters At Block D Basement 3

The architect is in progress to resubmit the renovation plan to Majlis Perbandaran Bentong for approval.

From the 3 quotations received, the Committee decided to interview contractors Ding Foong (M) Sdn Bhd (DF) and ICraye Concept (ICC) on their costings and construction details before award. On 22/07/2020, 2 Committee members interviewed DF and will interview ICC next week for decision.

Meanwhile, Building Manager had invited 2 contractors to quote for the M&E system (fire fighting system) and waiting for their submissions.

Repair Of Sinking Road Beside Block A

The above work is completed.

Proposed Canopy At Waiting Area Beside Bunga Raya Exit

Committee agreed to this proposed canopy however, as it will be built at the public road, it was   decided to obtain approval from the local authority before proceeding with this installation. The cost to install stainless steel structure will be examined and Building Manager to act accordingly.

Proposed Mawar Apartments’ Logo

As of today, received 4 submissions and after consideration, Committee decided to wait for more submissions before deciding.

Proposed Lockers For Residents Parcels

Received 2 proposals for parcel lockers from Focus Action Sdn Bhd (Focus) and Parcel365 Sdn Bhd (Parcel365). Parcel 365 informed that their business does not cover Genting Highlands.

Focus reverted with a new proposal that they will provide a 40-door electronic parcel locker at no cost to us and c/w a 25% PPAM and 75% Focus profit-sharing scheme. Users of this locker will have to pay for the usage however, we might have to operate this locker system to inform the parcels recipients to collect their parcels. Committee suggested to check other sites with similar locker systems on their operation procedures before deciding.

Leaking Under Ground Water Pipe At Block D

It was noted that water was leaking heavily from a damaged underground pipe at Block D rear road. and water was seeping through the retaining wall beside the building.  As to prevent any untoward damage to the building and after consulting our Executive Committee, contractor – CSK Workshop was engaged to resolve the leakage as soon as possible. The damaged pipe was repaired on 25/06/2020 and the contractor will re-tar the road in due course.

Proposed Replacement Of Security Guard Tour System

A new security guard tour system was purchased from P Merit Engineering at RM5,550.00 and in-house maintenance is in progress installing the clocking points.

Proposed 10th AGM

The above AGM was concluded on today. 

Owners’ Emergency Contact Person

Committee decided that in view of the numerous owners who are quite elderly, it would be prudent to keep a record of the owners’ contact person(s) for liaison during emergencies. Building Manager had issued a notice on this matter for all owners to revert.   

Invest In Unit Trust

In view of the very low interest rates (1.8% per annum for 9 months), the Management Committee Members agreed to use some of the surplus funds to invest in unit trust funds that are approved by EPF.

Having seen the side presentation, it was agreed to invest through Fundsupermart the following funds:

  1. RM50,000 in Kenanga TacticalEXTRA Fund; and
  2. RM50,000 in Kenanga Growth Opportunities Fund

These investments will be monitored each time by the Management Committee meets once a month.

Committee member, Mr. Ng Nai Pong, mentioned that it might be too high to go in and suggested that such investments shall be capped at 10% of the existing funds amount at the point of investment.

Next Meeting 

The next Management Committee meeting will be held on 22th August 2020 (Sat) at 2.00 p.m., Meeting Room, Ground Floor, Block B, Mawar Apartments.            The meeting ended at 1.30 p.m.

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