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Mawar Apts COVID-19 Urgent announcement

我们今天在楼座D / 18收到了一份非官方报告的COVID-19阳性患者。他可能是无症状病例,无法通过体温扫描检测到。该患者被卫生部(马来西亚Kementerian Kesihatan)从美华阁带走。



Dear residents.

We regret to inform that we received an unofficial report of a COVID-19 positive patient in Mawar Apts at Block D/18 today. This could be asymptomatic cases and not able to detect with body temperature scan. The said patient was immediately taken from Mawar Apts by Ministry of Health, MOH (Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia).

As precautionary measures, owners who do not stay in Mawar Apts full-time are discouraged to come to Mawar Apts.

All residents are to follow strictly the MOVEMENT CONTROL ORDER (MCO) guidelines including wearing masks in the common areas at all times. The building facilities will be closed until future notice, deep cleaning of the common areas, lifts and so on will be carried out soonest possible. We thank you for your full cooperation on this urgent matter.


Kong Fong Seong

Building Manager

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