Mawar Apartments Notification

Mawar Apts COVID19 Check In
Mawar Apts Notification
Mawar Apts Notification

To all owners, tenants or guests who would like to receive an immediate notification from Mawar Apartments management office. You can say “YES” to receive any notifications on the latest updates in Mawar Apartments.

For example, lately Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia(KKM) has the round checked on an individual’s temperature in front of our door steps. When you are subscribed to the notification, you will get the note immediately on your devices about the informed decision made in the management office instantly.

Most of the time, an incident like this is a last minute event occurs and an email or a SMS is too slow to inform all the residents. When you are subscribed to be notified, you will get the instant information from the building manager of Mawar Apartments.

Have a safe day.

How to unsubscribe the Mawar Apartments Notification?

Look for a blue white bell icon at the right handed corner and unsubscribe. Thanks.

Cheers always.

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