Mawar Apartments 美华阁 Newsletter 通讯 Q3 , 2020


Covid-19 Malaysia Nationwide Lockdown/Prevention


In line with the announcement by the Malaysia Government to close all non-essential business entities, our management office and all facilities were temporarily closed from 18th March 2020.  Currently, under the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO), our management is in full operation. As per the standard operating procedures under this RMCO, the security personnel will check the bodies temperatures of all visitors/contractors/delivery personnel to Mawar Apartments. Anyone with body temperature of 37.5 ⁰C and above will NOT be allowed to enter Mawar Apartments. We had prepared hand sanitisers, as a preventive measure, next to all lifts at the ground floor lobbies for owners/residents and the cleaners will sanitise the lift cars regularly. All management staff and in-house contractors must check their bodies temperatures every day before they start work, wear face masks and practise social distancing at all times.

根据马来西亚政府宣布关闭所有非必要业务实体的公告,我们管理处和所有设施从  2020 3 18临时关 闭目前,根据复苏行动管制令,我们管理层已全面运作。根据此复苏行动管制令的标准操作程序,保安人员将为所有访客/承保商/运输人员量体温, 任何人体温在  37.5 摄氏及以上都不允许进入美华公寓。作为预防措施,我们在底层大堂所有升降机旁边为业主/居民准备了消毒洗手液,清洁工人经常清洁升降机,所有管理人员和内部承包商每天在开始工作前必需量其体温,戴口罩和保持社交距离。

New Security Guards新的保安人员

As from June 2020, we have engaged Nusantara Security Sdn Bhd to provide 24-hour security services for Mawar Apartments. All the new security personnel had completed the Covid-19 test.

20206月开始,我们已委托Nusantara保安有限公司为美华公寓提供24小时保安服务。所有新的保安人员都完成了 新冠病毒检验。

Computerized Visitors Monitoring System


We are pleased to inform that we had implemented a computerized visitors monitoring system at the Guard House to record visitors to Mawar Apartments. This system will capture visitors’ details for efficient processing and fast retrieval of data.  

我们很高兴地通知您, 我们已经在警卫室实施了电脑化访客监控系统,以记录美华公寓的访客。该系统将捕获访客的详细信息,以便高效处理和快速检索数据。

All Water Pressure Pumps on Roof Top Tanks Replaced


We are pleased to inform that we had replaced all blocks’ old water pressure pumps on roof top with new inverter-controlled motor water pressure pumps to avoid frequent breakdowns, minimise noise and expensive repairs.  

我们很高兴地通知您, 我们以新的变频电机型水压泵替换所有屋顶的旧水压泵以避免频繁故障, 减少噪音和昻贵的维修费用。

Owners’ Contact Person During Emergency业主紧急联络人

In view of the substantial numbers of owners who are quite elderly, it would be prudent to keep a record of owners’ contact person(s) for liaison during emergencies. Management will issue a notice on this matter for all owners to revert.


10th Annual General Meeting第十届年度大会

The 10th AGM of Perbadanan Pengurusan Apartmen Mawar will be held on Saturday, 25th July 2020. According to the Covid-19 prevention Standard Operating Procedures set by the authorities, all participants have to download the My Sejahtera mobile application. Proprietors, co-proprietors and proxies can download My Sejahtera at before attending the AGM.  A body temperature check will be conducted before a participant is allowed into the meeting venue. Those with a body temperature of 37.5 ⁰C and above, and/ or have symptoms such as cough, fever, flu is NOT ALLOWED to enter the meeting venue.

Participants have to wear face masks in the meeting venue, the number of participants is limited according to the size of the venue, with social distancing of sitting and standing of at least 1 metre apart. Participants will be allowed in on a first come, first served basis.

美华公寓管理公司第十届年度大会将在星期六2020年7月25日举行。根据当局制定的新冠肺炎预防标准操作程序,所有参与者都必需下载My Sejahtera 移动应用程式。业主,共同业主和代理人可以在参加股东年度大会之前从下载My Sejahtera


If you have any suggestions for improvement, we shall be glad to hear from you. Cheers!


We wish you a pleasant stay always!  祝大家身体健康,万事如意,笑口常开

From all the Committee Members, management and staff.全休理事会成员,管理层和员工敬。

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