Mawar Apartments 美华阁 Newsletter 通讯 Q1 , 2021



2021 年温馨的问候

The Management Committee and staff would like to take this opportunity to wish all our valued owners and residents of Mawar Apartments a very Happy and Healthy 2021 together with the coming Chinese New Year in February. 

管理委员会恭贺全体美华公寓居民和业主2021 年新年以及即将到来的春节 新年快乐身体安康

Beautification Of Landscape美化景观

With dedicated and concerted efforts, we are transforming the landscape with colorful flowering plants for all to appreciate.

在 全 心 全 意 的 共 同 努 力 下,我 们 正 在 用 五 彩 缤 纷 的 花 卉 改 造 景 观 以 供 所 有 人 欣 赏。

Replace Electrical Busducts更换电母线

We are pleased to inform that the problematic electrical busducts supplying electricity to owners’ units from Level 9 to Level 18 at Block A were replaced with electrical cables, which are more reliable with lower maintenance/breakdown.


Routine Service Of Building Electrical Switch Gears 建筑电气开关装置的服务

Kindly be informed that the building electrical switch gears which supply electricity to Mawar Apartments were serviced by a qualified electrical contractor. This is a 2-year mandatory routine service as required by the authority to ensure our electrical system is in good condition at all times.


Repair Of Damaged Underground Water Pipe 修理损坏的地下水管

The main underground water pipe which supplies water to Mawar Apartments was damaged. Water from this damaged pipe leaked onto the road surface beside the basketball court at Block C. The damaged pipe was repaired promptly so as to prevent further damage to the building fixtures.

供应美华公寓水的主要地下水管道已损坏. 水从该破损的管道泄漏到C座篮球场旁的路面上,损坏的管道及时修复,以防止进一步损坏建筑固定装置。

Design Of Mawar Apartments Logo Competition 美华公寓标志设计比赛

We are pleased to announce that Mawar’s Logo competition was finalized and the submission by owner, Mr. Kelvin Ang was declared the winner. He was very happy and definitely happier with the price money of RM300. We wish to thank all participants who participated in this competition.

我们很高兴地宣布,美华标志设计竞赛已经完成。Kelvin Ang先生参赛作品被评选为获胜者。他很高兴,尤其获得三百块的奖金。我们要感谢所有的参赛者所做的努力。

Mawar Apartments’ House Rules 美华公寓的房屋规则

Of late, we have noted that residents drying their wet clothes/towels at the windows and placing potted plants at the window sills of their apartments. These practices, which are against the House Rules, not only effect the appearance of the building façade but will also cause danger and bodily injury to people below if these potted plants were to fall. All residents are strictly advised not to practise the above and we shall not hesitate to fine those who flout the rules.

最近,我们注意到有居民在窗户上晒他们的湿衣服或毛巾,并将盆栽 植物放在公寓的窗台上。这些违反《房屋规则》的做法不仅影响建筑 外观,而且如果这些盆栽植物掉落,还会对下面的人造成受伤。 强烈 建议所有居民停止这样的行为,我们将毫不犹豫地对违反规定的人罚款。

If you have any suggestions for improvement, we shall be glad to hear from you. Cheers!


We wish you a pleasant stay always!  祝大家身体健康,万事如意,笑口常开

From all the Committee Members, management and staff.理事会成员,管理层和员工敬。

Mawar Apartments, Jalan Jati 2, Taman Gohtong Jaya, Genting Highlands, 69000 Pahang Darul Makmur

Tel: 03-61003228, Fax: 03-61003229. E-mail: [email protected]

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