Mawar Apartments 美华阁 Newsletter 通讯 Q4 , 2020


10th Annual General Meeting   届年度大会

The 10th AGM of Perbadanan Pengurusan Apartmen Mawar was held on 25th July 2020. A total of 33 proprietors and proxies who were entitled to vote attended this AGM.


During the AGM, the Annual Management Report and the Audited Accounts for the year ending 31st March 2020 were presented and adopted. Some of the agendas adopted were: no increase of the maintenance charges and contribution to the sinking fund 。


During the AGM, 10 Committee Members were elected to form the Management Committee of Mawar Aparments for Y2020/21 and they were :- 在年度业主大会期间,10名委员会成员当选为2020/ 2021年的美华理事委员会成员,他们是:

  1. Mr. Ang Chui Soon                       6.   Mr. Lee Sai Pan    
  2. Mr. Choong Boon Loong              7.   Mr. Ng Nai Pong
  3. Mr. Chong Min Ann                     8.   Mr. Ong Hock Chye
  4. Mr. Chow Chee Tho                     9.   Mr. Ong Kok Siew
  5. Mr. Ho Nya Chong, Paul              10. Mr. Toh Ban Chong

Subsequently, during the 111th Committee Meeting held on the same

day, the Committee Members elected the office bearers as below: –



# Chairman主席  :  Mr. Ong Kok Siew                      # Secretary秘书  :  Mr. Ng Nai Pong                  

# Treasurer财务  :  Mr. Chong Min Ann

Re-Tar Road Surfaces At Basket Ball Court & Car Wash Area

We are pleased to inform that the worn-out road surfaces at the

basketball court and the car wash area were re-tarred to maintain the building facilities for our residents.


Repair Sinking Road Beside Block A维修A 座下沉路面

Kindly be informed that the sinking potion of the road beside Block

A was repaired as to prevent further deterioration of the road.


Parcel Lockers System邮包储物柜系统

We are pleased to inform that we have placed an electronic panel locker system in front of the Control Room at Ground Floor lobby, Block B. This is to improve our parcels/documents collection procedures from the courier services for the residents. 我们很高兴地通知您,我们已经在B楼底层大厅控制室的前面放置了一个电子面板系统储物柜。这是为了改善居民从快递服务中提取邮包/邮件的程序。

Mid-Autumn Festival Gathering中秋节晚宴

This year Mid-Autumn Festival gathering was held on 26th September 2020 and a total of 380 owners with their relatives/friends attended this event. An 8-course dinner and moon cakes were served, all had a good hearty meal with plenty of chit-chat and getting to know thy neighbours. Many participants praised the quality of the food served and look forward to another get-togetheraround the coming Chinese New Year. 今年的中秋晚宴于2020年9月26日举行,共有380名业主及其亲戚朋友参加了此次活动。晚宴有8道菜和月饼。所有人都享用了丰盛的晚餐,聊天和了解邻里。许多参与者赞扬了食物的质量,并期待着即将来临农历新年的另一个聚会。

Register at website在mawar.info网站注册

We are pleased to inform that we have replaced our gmail emailing with [email protected]. Further to this, our Mawar Apartments’ website is ready for viewing and registration.  All owners are advised to use our new email address for future emailing and always welcome to browse through our website for latest news and information in our website. We will be preparing services like, booking of BBQ/function room, lodging of complaints & suggestions and others for the benefit of owners.

我们很高兴地通知您,我们已将Gmail电子邮件替换为[email protected] 此外,我们美华的 网站已可查看和注册。建议所有业主将来使用我们的新电子邮件地址进行电子邮件发送,并随时欢迎浏览我们的网站以获取我们最新的新闻和信息我们将准备的服务,例如,预订烧烤/多功能室,提供投诉和建议等服务,以使业主受益。

If you have any suggestions for improvement, we shall be glad to hear from you. Cheers!


We wish you a pleasant stay always!  祝大家身体健康,万事如意,笑口常开

From all the Committee Members, management and staff.理事会成员,管理层和员工敬。

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