How To Resolve Daily Parcel Collection Issues In Mawar Apartments?

3 Simple Steps:

  • Prepare a mail room or a parcel room with some rack spaces. Each rack space is labelled with number for tracking purposes.
  • An instruction for delivery personnel to follow by using QR code to register the parcel so that the delivery personnel can show the parcel is delivered safely with a few photo captures.
They will use their own smartphone to go through the registration process.
  • After the QR code is scanned by the delivery personnel smartphone. He/She will be prompted a registration page which is hosted by website to register the parcel and upload the photo with the rack number to show that the parcel is delivered.
  • The last step is for the recipients of the parcel can check the delivery status according to their apartment unit number when they are registered with under Owner Registration. Only the approved members of the apartment unit by Mawar management office can check the delivery status. The approval is only done once by the Mawar management office to ensure that they are the residents of the Mawar Apartments.

Please leave any comments if the little ideas can still be improved. Thanks for reading!

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