Replacement Of Electrical Busducts更换电母线

We are pleased to inform that the final problematic electrical busducts supplying electricity to owners’ units from Level 9 to Level 18 at Block B were replaced with electrical cables, which are more reliable with lower maintenance/breakdown.


Water Leakages Repair At All Blocks Car Porches Roofing 维修所有停车门廊屋顶

Water leakages were noted at the car porches of all blocks due to ageing of the car porches roofing. These leakages were repaired by applying water proofing compound onto the roofing flat surfaces and scupper drains by a water proofing contractor. 由于停车门廊屋顶老化,所有停车门廊上都发现了漏水现象。 防水承包商在屋顶平整表面和排水孔涂上防水化合物来修复这些渗漏。

Replacement of 2 Units Faulty Treadmills In GYM Room更换健身房两台有故障的跑步机

The 2 units treadmills in the GYM room frequently breakdown due to wear and tear. They were replaced with 2 units commercial treadmills, model: Vision T600 with similar features for the benefits of the residents.

在健身室的两台跑步机由于磨损和撕裂故障频繁,他们已被两台商用跑步机所取代,型号为:Vision T600,具有类似功能,可为居民带来好处。

Installation Of CCTV Cameras At All Blocks GF Lobbies在所有底层大堂安装闭路电视摄像机

We are pleased to inform that a total of 11 nos. of CCTV cameras were installed at the ground floor of all blocks to improve the security surveillance of these areas.


Repainting Of Road Lines and Car Parking Bays at Front and Rear Roads重新粉刷前后道路线和停车场

Taking advantage of the dry weather beginning of the year, the in-house maintenance team managed to repaint the yellow road lines and car parking bays at the front and rear roads of the building.


Repair Of Damaged Underground Water Pipe 修理损坏的地下水管

The main underground water pipe which supplies water to Mawar Apartments was damaged and water was leaking down the slope beside Block D rear road. The damaged pipe was repaired promptly to prevent further damage to the slope beside Bunya Raya. In view of this frequent water leakages due to the ageing of the water pipe, we are planning to install a main check valve at the incoming water supply to mitigate this problem.

在D座后方道路上,向美华公寓供水的主要地下水管道损坏,水从斜坡上漏出。 损坏的管道及时修复,以防止进一步破坏Bunya Raya旁的斜坡。 由于水管老化而导致的频繁漏水,我们计划在进水处安装一个主止回阀以缓解此问题。

Mawar Apartments’ House Rules 美华公寓的房屋规则

All owners are kindly be reminded pertaining to Mawar Apartments’ House Rules under Registration in section 3.2 (b) stating that “All Owners renting out their premises shall register all the required particulars of their Tenants with the Management Office and to further inform the Management timely of any persons moving in or out from time to time.” The Management reserves the right to refuse entry or attend to any Tenants not registered with the Management.

谨在此提醒所有业主有关第3.2(b)节中美华公寓 房屋规则的注册规定,其中规定:“所有出租房屋的业主应在管理处登记其租户的所有必要详细信息,并及时通知管理层, 搬进或搬出的租户。管理层保留拒绝未在管理层注册的任何租户进入的权利。

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