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9th Annual General Meeting   第八届年度大会

The 9th AGM of Perbadanan Pengurusan Apartmen Mawar was held on 13th July 2019. A total of 43 proprietors and proxies who were entitled to vote attended this AGM. 第9次年度股东大会于2019年7月13日举行。共有43名有权投票的业主和代理人出席了本次股东大会。

During the AGM, the Annual Management Report and the Audited Accounts for the year ending 31st March 2019 were presented and adopted. Some of the agendas adopted were, no increase of the maintenance charges and contribution to the sinking fund and amendments to the House Rules mainly to prohibit Airbnb (renting their apartments online on daily basis or short-term basis) in Mawar Apartments.  A daily fine will be imposed should any owners/residents found operating their units as Airbnb and the units access cards will also be blocked. 于股东周年大会期间,呈列及采纳年度管理报告及截至2019331日止年度的经审核账目。采纳的一些议程是,不增加维修费用和对偿债基金的捐款以及对议院规则的修订,主要是为了禁止在Mawar公寓内进行Airbnb(每日或短期在线租用公寓)。如果任何业主/居民发现他们的单位作为Airbnb营并且单位访问卡也将被封锁,则将被处以每日罚款。

During the AGM, 10 Committee Members were elected to form the Management Cooperation of Mawar Aparments for Y2019/20 and they were :- 在年度股东大会期间,10名委员会成员当选为2019年/ 2020年的美华管理合作组织,他们是: 

  1. Mr. Chan Chee Min                6.   Mr. Ng Nai Pong
  2. Mr. Choong Boon Loong     7.   Mr. Ong Hock Chye
  3. Mr. Chong Min Ann               8.   Mr. Ong Kok Siew 
  4. Mr. Chow Chee Tho              9.   Mr. Toh Ban Chong 
  5. Mr. Lau Kon Hing                   10. Mr. Wong Kichin

Subsequently, during the 100th Committee Meeting held on the same day, the Committee Members elected the office bearers as below :- 

随后,在同一天举行的第89次委员会会议期间,委员会成员选举办公室负责人如下: -

# Chairman主席  :   Mr. Ong Kok Siew    # Secretary秘书  :  Mr. Ng Nai Pong  

# Treasurer财务  :  Mr. Chong Min Ann

New Access Card Reader At Guard House警卫室的新门禁读卡器

 We are pleased to inform that the access card reader at the entry boom gate at the Guard House was replaced with a new and better reader. This has improved the detection of cards significantly.   


Mid-Autumn Gathering 中秋节晚宴

This year Mid-Autumn gathering was held on 7th September 2019 and a total of 456 owners with their relatives/friends attended this event. An 8-course dinner was served and all had a good hearty meal with plenty of chit-chat and getting to know thy neighbours. 今年的中秋会议于2019年9月7日举行,共有456名业主及其亲戚朋友参加了此次活动。酒店提供8道菜的晚餐,所有人都享用了丰盛的


Replacement Of Problematic  Electrical Busducts With Electrical Cables At Block A 


The electricity to owners’ units at Blocks A & B is supplied via GE Spectra electrical busducts and these electrical busducts have been problematic (frequent flash-overs at the busduct joints) for some time. Furthermore, spare parts are not available locally and it would be very costly sourcing spare parts overseas. With respect to this and to prevent frequent interruption of electricity supply to owners, the busducts serving owners’ units at Block A/Zone 1, Level 2 to Level 8 were replaced with electrical cables which are more reliable and with low maintenance. The remaining electrical busducts will be replaced with electrical cables progressive. A区和B区的业主单位的电力是通过GE Spectra电气公交车提供的,这些电气公交系统存在问题(在公交接头处频繁闪络)一段时间。此外,备件不在当地供应,在海外采购备件的成本非常高。就此而言,为了防止业主经常中断供电,为A座/ 1区,2至8层的业主单位提供的公交车更换为更可靠,维护更少的电缆。其余的电气总线将逐步用电缆替换。

If you have any suggestions for improvement, we shall be glad to hear from you. Cheers!



                       We wish you a pleasant stay always! 祝大家身体健康, 万事如意, 笑口常开。

             From all the Committee Members, management and staff. 全体理事会成员,管理层和员工敬。

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Tel: 03-61003228, Fax: 03-61003229. E-mail: [email protected]

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