Mawar Apartments 美华阁 Newsletter 通讯 Q4 , 2020

DEAR READERS 亲爱的读者: 10th Annual General Meeting   第十届年度大会 The 10th AGM of Perbadanan Pengurusan Apartmen Mawar was held on 25th July 2020. A total of 33 proprietors and proxies who were entitled to vote attended this AGM. 第十次年度业主大会于2020年7月25日举行。共有33名有权投票的业主和代理人出席本次业主大会。 During the Read more

Mawar Apartments 美华阁 Newsletter 通讯 Q3 , 2020

DEAR READERS 亲爱的读者: Covid-19 Malaysia Nationwide Lockdown/Prevention 新冠肺炎马来西亚全国封锁/预防 In line with the announcement by the Malaysia Government to close all non-essential business entities, our management office and all facilities were temporarily closed from 18th March 2020.  Currently, under the Recovery Read more